Our experts

Our experts

Cretu Alina - Premium Group

Cretu Alina

Junior Accountant

Geagea Oscar - Premium Group

Geagea Oscar

Lawyer LLM
Member of Premium Group Oy's board

Gripenberg Maria - Premium Group

Gripenberg Maria

Junior Accountant

Hakkarainen Kati - Premium Group

Hakkarainen Kati

Junior Accountant

Häll Elina - Premium Group

Häll Elina

Apartment Management Services

Hämäläinen Johanna - Premium Group

Hämäläinen Johanna

Head of Accounting

Heikkinen Jaana - Premium Group

Heikkinen Jaana

Premium Group's CEO

Kaisla Päivi - Premium Group

Kaisla Päivi

Payroll Clerk

Kambla-Kuosmanen Ingrid - Premium Group

Kambla-Kuosmanen Ingrid


Kanervamäki Anniina - Premium Group

Kanervamäki Anniina

Lawyer LLM

Kulju Ville - Premium Group

Kulju Ville

Lawyer LLM, MBA
Licenced Legal Counsel

Laineenoja Paula - Premium Group

Laineenoja Paula

Accountant KLT

Lappalainen Jessica - Premium Group

Lappalainen Jessica

Apartment Management Services

Latvala-Kerttula Jaana - Premium Group

Latvala-Kerttula Jaana

Payroll Clerk

Lemallem Päivi - Premium Group

Lemallem Päivi

Payroll Clerk

Lumme Taru - Premium Group

Lumme Taru

Lawyer LLM
Licenced Legal Counsel

Mourujärvi Tiia - Premium Group

Mourujärvi Tiia

Office Assistant

Nyman Nea - Premium Group

Nyman Nea

Lawyer LLM
(maternity leave)

Pekkola Markku - Premium Group

Pekkola Markku

Member of Premium Group Oy's board

Peltonen Hanna - Premium Group

Peltonen Hanna

Head of Accounting KLT

Raitala Pasi - Premium Group

Raitala Pasi

Chairman of Premium Group's Board

Rautiainen Vesa - Premium Group

Rautiainen Vesa


Ropponen Eliisa - Premium Group

Ropponen Eliisa

Financial administration trainee

Ruohonen Sylvia - Premium Group

Ruohonen Sylvia

Legal trainee

Saarinen Jonna - Premium Group

Saarinen Jonna


Seppäläinen Eeva-Maria - Premium Group

Seppäläinen Eeva-Maria


Sharon Kati - Premium Group

Sharon Kati

Junior Accountant

Wikgren Tove - Premium Group

Wikgren Tove

Office Support
(maternity leave)

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